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Artificial Aquarium 11 in. silk FLOWER PLANT w/ STONE BASE (Choose color)


Artificial Aquarium silk FLOWER PLANT w/ STONE BASE (Choose color)

Dimensions: 10-12” tall x 4-5” wide, 3” diameter stone base

Choose color preference

(Also available as 5" tall flowers for $7.00.  Please ask if interested!)

Stems can be bent for desired look

Arrangements may very slightly from photo

Silk plant for Fresh-water aquarium

Weighted stone base blends well with most natural aquarium substrates

Made in the USA

May vary slightly from picture as plants are individually hand-made.

Our products are also ideal for terrarium and reptiles, as well as, outdoor fountains, bird baths and pond accents.

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Please feel free to e-mail us if you have questions.

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