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(1) 2 inch THICK 12" x 12" COARSE Filter Floss Pad Aquarium or POND Media (1 pad)


2 inch THICK, 12” x 12” COARSE Filter Floss Pad Media for Aquarium or Pond

(1 new pad)

 •One pad: 12” x 12” x ~1.75-2” thick

 •The coarse, polyester pad is extremely effective at filtering out particulate waste of all sizes from pond or aquarium water

 •The stiff design holds its shape longer to resist clogging.

 •SAFE for FRESH or SALT-WATER systems

 •Excellent for use in drip systems, sump filter systems, pond filters or large canister filter systems.

 •Over time the filter pad will not only act as mechanical filtration, but also as excellent biological filtration.

 •Made in the USA by GINGER



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