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4 pk Aqueon Size SMALL (S) for MINI BOW: 1, 2.5, & 5 filter cartridges by Ginger



Aqueon MINI BOW 1, 2.5, & 5 Size SMALL S filter cartridges by Ginger


For use in the following aquarium power filters:

Aqeuon Mini Bow 1 gal, 2.5 gal, 5 gal


• Pre-assembled & ready-to-use

• Each has a small attached hook for easy removal of used cartridge

• Made in the USA by GINGER

• Contains MORE Professional Grade Carbon than standard cartridges

• Manufactured with polyester on both sides provides superior filtration

• GINGER guarantees these aquarium cartridges will outperform the OEM cartridges provided with the filters!

• Favorite brand in our shop for over 30 years!


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