Aquarium Services Professionals

We clean fish tanks!



  1. What does your standard service include?

    See our Service Page for a list of maintenance details.

  2. How often is cleaning necessary?

    Most aquariums require cleaning once per month, but we adjust the schedule to meet individual aquarium needs.

  3. Do you service salt-water aquariums?

    Yes, ASP installs and services saltwater fish only and marine reef aquariums. 

  4. My aquarium is already set-up. Will you take over cleaning it?

    Yes, we will gladly take over the chore of cleaning and maintaining your existing aquarium. 

  5. Do you clean ponds & water gardens?

    We no longer offer these services.  Our primary focus is on indoor tropical aquarium systems.

  6. Do you move aquariums?

    Yes, if you are an established service client, ASP can safely relocate your aquarium to a different room, or move it across town. 

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  1. How much does it cost for ASP to clean my aquarium?

    Call for an estimate. Prices vary depending on the size of the aquarium, fresh or salt-water, etc.

  2. Do you provide estimates?

    ASP provides all new clients with cost estimates before any work begins. 

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Fish & Decorations

  1. Do you supply fish food, fish, and decorations?

    Yes, ASP can supply all of your aquarium needs at lower prices than most pet stores.

  2. Can I choose my own fish or decorations?

    Our clients always get to choose the overall look of the aquarium and types of fish.  ASP will work with you to choose aquarium decor and compatible fish.

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  1. Do you install aquariums in walls?

    Our extensive remodeling and carpentry experience allows us to create unique and safe aquarium installations wherever you have in mind.   We can also work closely with your current carpenter to create the perfect aquarium space.

  2. Do you install & service business and residential aquariums?

    Yes, ASP offers service for your home or office aquarium.

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  1. Is your company insured?

    Aquarium Services Professionals carries full business, commercial vehicle, and liability for all aquarium and remodeling related incidents.

  2. Registered with PAHIC?

    Pennsylvania Home Improvement Contractor Registration Number: PA010166

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