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Aquarium Services Professionals



Have an aquarium? Let us maintain it.

Our custom schedules fit the needs of residential and commercial customers, large and small.


We arrive at your door ready to perform periodic tank cleaning and maintenance.

Our standard services include: water changes, adding high quality livestock | Water analysis | Algae removal | Filtration maintenance | Filter media replacement | Supplements | Medication | Feeding | Exterior glass and stand cleaning.


Want something different?

We also offer complete overhaul of decor and/or fish varieties, and can convert your tank from salt to fresh, or vice versa. Ultimately, we bring the fish store to you!


Need a new tank installed?

Aquarium Services Professionals works with clients to design and choose the optimal aquarium for your space. You pick the fish and decor; we create a beautiful, unique aquarium environment. We will even re-design your aquarium look if desired. 



We know fish, and we know aquariums.

We offer free installation consultations, free quotes, and healthy livestock at fair prices.


But most importantly, we’ll arrive at your door ready to take care of your aquarium so that you can enjoy the view, without getting dirty or wet. 


Appointments are available Monday-Friday; emergency services are available anytime.



Aquarium Services Professionals is the second generation of the famous Exotic Tropical Fish Outlet of Reading, Pa., owned and operated by John and Pat Hain. Daughters Erin and Carey grew up maintaining the store’s more than 100 tanks and 10,000 tropical fish, while helping a generation of people become aquarium hobbyists. More than 40 years after helping her first fish store customer, Carey still enjoys sharing the hobby with others.


Carey, Tom and Calvin Manzolillo

Today’s Mom, Pop and Son trio of Aquarium Services Professionals are lifelong Berks County residents, fully insured, efficient, and detail-oriented.

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